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Adult Survivors of Child Abuse – International self-help support group program designed specifically for adult survivors of neglect, physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse.

Rape Crisis UK – On this website you will find information about rape and sexual violence and details of your nearest Rape Crisis Centre if you need support.

RAINN – American based hotline but full of information and resources.

Survivors For Justice – is an advocacy, educational and support organization for survivors of sexual abuse and their families in the Orhtodox community. (USA)

Stop It Now! – Provide support, information and resources to keep children safe and create healthier communities. Since 1992, they have identified, refined and shared effective ways for individuals, families and communities to act to prevent child sexual abuse before children are harmed – and to get help for everyone involved.

Darkness to Light – The ultimate mission of D2L, to end childhood sexual abuse, can only be accomplished by sharing the solution of prevention, awareness and education with more and more people.


Things You Need To Know About Child Molesters by Bracha Goetz

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