What is Migdal Emunah?

Migdal Emunah launched in February 2013, providing a support service for Jewish victims of sexual abuse and their families.

We provide practical and emotional support in a variety of ways for victims and those affected by the trauma of sexual abuse.

Migdal Emunah actively engages in raising awareness of Sexual Abuse and challenging the myths and taboos surrounding abuse.

Migdal Emunah works across all denominations of the Jewish Community. We offer services to meet the needs of our clients including, access to advice, advocacy and support. Clients are regularly reviewed to ensure they are benefiting and working well.

Migdal Emunah is a voluntary agency and a registered charity. We are therefore able to link in with the statutory services as well as other voluntary agencies for the benefit of our clients.

Migdal Emunah provides impartial and professional services, including access to a trained Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA), trained counsellors, sex therapist, family therapists and childrens therapist. We also provide access to rabbinical advice, legal advice and psychologists.

All Migdal Emunah representatives have received extensive professional training and highly experienced, in order that we can offer the highest standard of service and independent client care to individuals and families who contact us for help.

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