“I am a survivor of both sexual and domestic abuse. I blocked out my experiences for several years but eventually I was unable to ignore how broken I was inside. Migdal Emunah have been there for me ever since I reached out for help. One to one therapy as well as a fortnightly support group, work in tandem to help me recover.”
Tova, 26

“I was terrified to face my past and share my journey with others. When I contacted Migdal Emunah I was still afraid but doing something brave empowered me. Meeting others on a similar journey has been a giant step forward and is speeding up the healing process. Joining the bi weekly support group has taken away a huge chunk of loneliness that engulfed me for years. I am very thankful for my new friends and the wonderful understanding staff at Migdal Emunah.”
Sarah, 36

“What I found so helpful about Migdal Emunah is it gave me a place I felt I belonged, just meeting other people who had been through similar experiences in the support group made me feel normal, and completely accepted.”
A, 27

“I was in such darkness when I turned to Migdal Emunah. Their patience, acceptance and kindness had helped me to start questioning the negative, distorted thinking and beliefs system I hold. I am forever thankful for the individual and group therapy I attend, which Migdal Emunah organised for me. Knowing I’m not alone, making new friends and having a brilliant support system has made me hopeful that life can be better and that I don’t need to live in the shadows anymore. Thank you!”
L.R.J, 22

“Child Abuse left me for dead. My self-esteem, my identity, the person I call ‘me’ disintegrated into thin air. I became nothing, invisible. Child Abuse left me so lonely, so terrified, so depressed and anxious of everything; I’m sometimes still surprised I’m alive. Child Abuse took away my feelings and left me numb, Child Abuse still holds me in its grip, hisses at me and makes me believe I deserve to suffer, to be dead.

Migdal Emunah and therapy are the medicines I take to relieve myself off Child Abuse. They make me feel alive, infuse me with pride for who I am and that I am ‘me’. For the first time in my life I have friends who care, understand, listen and sooth. They make me feel I deserve everything that this world has to offer.
Migdal Emunah are giving me my feelings back, they help me release my grip off my past and allow me to trust and heal. Thank you Migdal Emunah for helping me put myself back together again, for allowing me to appear and take my place in the world. You are slowly saving my life, you care.”
B, 28